Kind Words



"When we got engaged (11 years ago) Melissa had started her business somewhat recently prior to that. We were all friends and prior work colleagues so it just made sense. We had watched her galleries of photos improve over time. After making a terrible (fever induced) horrible choice for our firstborn’s newborn pictures I knew I couldn’t trust our precious life events to anyone else. There are several favorite images, but I keep thinking of a photo of me and my dad walking down the aisle at our wedding. It is one of few photos I have with him and now that he has passed away I’m extremely grateful to have it, and to remember moments just before it was taken. If there is only one thing Melissa gets right, it is that she knows how to capture my kids’ personalities within a still shot. I am always amazed with the photos she gets even when it seems like no one is cooperating. I always end up with beautiful photos." - Amanda, Chillicothe, MO



"I chose Lifeshots because I know Melissa as a person and the passion she has for photography. After seeing her work I was positive that I wanted her to capture our moments! Because it’s more than a business transaction. She’s capturing some of the biggest milestones in our life. I want a connection with the person that does that. With Melissa, we’re family. The most important thing Lifeshots gets right is that she cares for her clients. Honestly if you’re her client you become a piece of her heart. Lifeshots has meant so much to my family. The moments she’s captured will be moments I cherish for years. Melissa realizes that she’s capturing legacies, milestones, and love." - Shana, Savannah, MO


"Melissa has always been easy to work with and I enjoy catching up every session. She gives good directions with poses which I always need. As a photographer myself, I’ve always really liked her editing style. I appreciate how quick she gets photos back to her customers and always gives an abundance of photos to pick from." - Neva, Savannah, MO


"We've tried many photographers before, but never came close to the artistry and talent of Melissa. From family photos to intimate memories, we couldn't be happier with the results we get from Lifeshots. We're hooked!" - Ashley & Sean, Cosby, MO



"Working with Lifeshots was a very comfortable experience. Melissa put us at ease right away and was respectful of our interests and concerns. She used that information to make decisions about the best photographs for our needs. We weren't rushed--Melissa had a relaxed and thoughtful approach to the session. We didn't feel like props but like collaborators. The photographs were great: not artificial but natural. We would recommend Lifeshots to anyone." - Mike, St. Joseph, MO



"Melissa is our forever photographer because she is so much more than that. She sees my family the way I see them. She cares for us all and captures us in our genuine moments with all of our personalities and quirks. I know she is not going to be upset because my kiddos are being, well, kiddos... or the fact that I occasionally get overwhelmed and need help chilling just a smidge. Honestly, Melissa has become someone I call a friend. I'm not sure Melissa will remember this or not. But during our announcement that we were pregnant with our second child, her niece and helper, Brielle, was with her and kept dropping flowers off of a tree in front of a lens. The very next photo shoot my oldest starting doing this too. Melissa just looked at her and smiled...asked if she was trying to be a big helper just like Brielle had been. It made my kiddos whole week. She came home and requested a camera for her birthday so she could take pictures just like Melissa. I'll never forget how important that small moment made my kiddo feel. Moments like that you can't get from just anyone. Recognizing the value in our people and capturing the moment and hat we want to look back 25 years from now and feel like we are still there in that moment. You capture us completely. You don't try to change us, but help find our best. And sooooo much compassion and love. There is warmth and caring with every session! I feel it EVERY single time." - Lacey, St. Joseph, MO



"Melissa does an AMAZING job connecting with my child. She took his first professional photos at 4 months. The photos were AMAZING. Since then, Melissa has taken large group photos of our family and individual family shots both inside and outside. We love her professional attitude and amazing photographs!" - Tara, Stewartsville, MO



"I chose Lifeshots because I know Melissa from the school where I teach and I like to patronize people I know who own a small business. Melissa is fun and down to earth. My favorite image is when she was trying to get my son to smile during his senior pictures. She leaned in and said something to him to make him laugh. We all laughed so hard and she captured a real, genuine smile." Rachel, St. Joseph, MO



"Melissa has taken our son's pictures since he was three months old. She catches some amazing expressions that make his personality shine through the images. I love knowing I have these moments captured forever." - Becky, Union Star, MO